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Team Philosophy

Quality Content at our Core

We believe online content quality and quantity will diminish rapidly if content creators are unable to find a viable mechanism to be paid for their work. We believe that consumers are willing to pay for unique, high-quality content, such as news, music, video, and blogs if the price point is low enough, the transaction process is easy enough, and a long term commitment to multiple websites is not required. Furthermore, we believe a micropayment system will only be adopted if registering as a publisher and integrating the paywall technology into the publisher’s site is easy.


  • Consumers deserve privacy and security.

    Safe, trustworthy transactions where the frequency of sharing personal information is minimized.

  • Content creators deserve to be compensated.

    Musicians, journalists, bloggers, and others create content that makes the web valuable.

  • Consumers should be empowered to buy only what they want.

    Subscriptions should not be the only option for purchasing permium digital content.

  • Buying and selling should be easy.

    Setting up accounts, converting Web sites and conducting transactions should be intuitive for non-technical users.


  • Joe Enzminger is a founder of nibl.

    Joe Enzminger

    Founder/CEO/CTO Joe is responsible for the strategic management of the company and its technology.

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  • Jefferson Lind is a founder of nibl.

    Jefferson Lind

    Founder/COO Jeff is responsible for day-to-day operations and is a key contributor to product development and strategy.

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  • Nathaniel Haefner is a designer at nibl.

    Nathaniel Haefner

    Lead Designer Nathaniel is responsible for the design and usability of nibl.

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  • Nicholas Campagna is a developer at nibl.

    Nicholas Campagna

    Developer Nicholas is responsible for technology development and new features.

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